Things to Remember About Your Point of Sale’s Remote Access System

Things have evolved quite a lot from the times when the point of sale was a cash register which had to be operated completely manually. Now there are systems in place which allow for remote access to the point of sale. These systems are connected with the internet so that there is a network in place which allows different people to access the point of sales systems. They the level of inventory can always be checked upon by the head office and the store management can always be on top of everything.

Here are certain things that need to be kept in mind when thinking of the point of sales systems in terms of the dos and don’ts.

  1. Keep a separate internet connection

You need to ensure that you keep a separate internet connection for your point of sales system so that the chance of hacking into the system is minimized. These days most transactions take place through credit or debit cards. Sometimes if the network is compromised the details can be taken and misused by hackers or troublemakers.

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  1. Keep checking the security measures

You need to ensure that you have a firewall installed as well as other security measures to safeguard your point of sales system. These security measures should exist separately from the other security measures you may have taken. Once in a while, as frequently as you can; you should run assessments of your security measures to ensure that the systems are up and running. You also need to make sure that there are no weak points where breaches can occur.

  1. Do not misuse the point of sales system

Ingrain in your staff that the point of sales system is not a toy which can be used to entertain you when you are bored. When a person is manning the point of sales retails, it is natural that during a lull in business, you might want to surf the internet to ward off boredom. However, this should never be done. The point of sales system should only be used for its purpose; making sales!

  1. Shut down point of sales system

When the business day is concluded, you need to shut down the system so that no one can enter it. If you leave it unmanned, this might give a window to hackers so they can strike and cause your problems.

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