Most Popular Point of Sale Systems

Usually a store that uses a point of sale system has a cash register, a computer, any equipment that helps in calculation, and to close the sale. The point of sale system is able to manage and monitor the inventory levels to make sure there is enough stock in the stores. Bigger businesses use the point of sale software that works to its greater needs, while smaller businesses use cloud based point of sale system.

  1. Square register

Square register has a 97% customer satisfaction rate. It is selected as one of the best point of sale systems with great characteristics. The software is free and can be used by any businesses on either an android or iOS device. Square register allows payments via credit and debit cards. The characteristics that make square register one of the best systems is the fast transactions, managing the inventory, storing the digital receipts and a lot more.

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  1. Vend

Vend is one of the most well-known point of sale system made for iPads. It has a 99% customer satisfaction rate and can be used in businesses for managing inventory and sales. The app is flexible and can be used to customize to support data entry as well as allowing access to popular items. Moreover it is compatible with other equipments such as barcode scanners and receipt printers.

  1. QuickBooks POS

Quickbooks point of sale system has an 88% satisfaction rate, although it works at a great pace and is very efficient. It includes a pro and a basic version that will help out the customers. The app also tracks the customers through their information so that they can use their loyalty and get an ongoing sale from them. Regardless of the size of the business, QuickBooks POS is a grat system that can accept payments through credit cards.

  1. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With a 99% satisfaction rate, salesforce commerce cloud includes features such as digital commerce, store operations, order managements and a lot more. This app can be used by businesses to update their purchase to post sale service. There are three specific categories of the salesforce commerce cloud; these include experience, intelligence and operation. Experience allows the business to restructure and organize all the products and promotions. Operations aid with improving the important functions and linking certain processes. Lastly intelligence allows you to work with customer personalization capabilities.

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